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John Slonina: Professional Nature Photography Tours

John Slonina is a professional photographer and photo tour and workshop leader that has 20+ years of experience.  He is devoted to the conservation of wild places and wild things. He has taken over 400,000 and growing natural history images.

He specializes in both wildlife and landscape photography. He has been studying natural history and photography for several years. He documents natural events such as behaviors, life cycles, and the habitats needed for survival.

My goal is to use our photographs and writings to educate and inform as many people as possible about nature and photography. We hope to introduce them to places and animals that they may never have the opportunity to see. We believe that a personal connection to nature is necessary to increase a person’s desire to protect a particular species and habitat. John is well known in the nature photography community he give presentations for various groups across the United States on photography, nature, wildlife etc.

It is incredibly exciting for me to show and inspire people to capture incredible photographs and create memories of a lifetime.

John Slonina

Slonina Photography Tours and Workshop