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Black Bear Photo Tour and Workshops

Photograph Black Bears with professional photographer John Slonina. We will be visiting one of the best places in North America to photograph and observe Wild Black Bears.  Expect to shoot thousands of bear photos along with other other wildlife.  Every year we have been able to photograph multiple bears including cubs, yearlings, and adults.  We plan to photograph several different age groups and behaviors.  This is time to visit when the most bears are in the area.

John Slonina has been photographing bears at several locations throughout the U.S. and Cananda. He has photographed bears in the Smoky Mountains, Alaska, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons National Park, Minnesota and New England.  

We also will be on the lookout for other wildlife that visits the refuge and the surrounding areas including Songbirds, Chipmunks, Several species of woodpeckers, Hummingbirds, Red Squirrels, and on rare occasions Wolf.

Please note: Wildlife is extremely unpredictable.  In the past I have had an extremely high success rate but we can’t guarantee we will see any particular species. The last few years I have had a bear within photo range almost every hour on this tour. Usually multiple bears at once some within 20 feet.

Since we will be shooting a high volume of pictures.  Please bring lots of cards or film. We also recommend you bring an portable external hard drive to back up your images. Some of last years participants took over 5000 bear photos.

Please look at last years report.

Click Here for  2011 Trip Reports and Photos




Northern Minnesota (2 hours northwest of Duluth)

Who Should Attend:

All skill levels are welcome from a beginner to professional.

Anyone with an interest in wildlife photography

Group Size:

Our groups are small in size this one is limited to 6 people. We will work with each participant to provide complete, informative, helpful lessons. This also ensures that no question is left unanswered.

Before and after each workshop we will assess each participants needs, interests and skills so we can teach techniques that will help each participant.

We will  have access to the refuge for 4 days.  We will have multiple trips back and forth to the refuge to take advantage of the best light for photography. The day is paced to maximize photo opportunities and the schedule will be flexible to maximize getting the best light.

Weather and Lighting:

We believe in capturing the best light some our workshop include sunrise and sunset shoots (weather permitting). Early morning and later afternoon has the best lighting for photography. It’s also the time wildlife is most active.

For black bears photography we also love cloudy days. The overcast sky acts like an umbrella to diffuse the light which is great for photos especially bears.  Unless the weather conditions pose any danger to group we will still stay out. 

Rainy conditions can provide some the moodiest and diffused lighting of any photography trip. You can get some unique opportunities in these conditions that you could not get on a sunny day.

John Slonina is a professional nature photographer who has been photographing for over 25 years. He estimates he has taken over 400,000 photos. John has a love of natural history as well. You will receive information on photo technique and the natural world. Understanding the natural world not only increases your appreciation of nature but also helps you become a better nature photographer.

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